“When I met Winnie for the first time, I couldn’t believe how she was so welcoming and she gave me the biggest support and I am so happy, I was able to trust her and share my problems with her. I was housed within two days. Vision Housing has given me a second chance.” Anonymous (05/05/17)

“The service provided by Vision Housing has been very good and helpful, I was housed and supported  on the same day of being assessed” D.F (27/04/17)

“I was pleased with the support I got from Winnie, she is an excellent worker. May she continue to help more people in the community” M (22/03/17)

“I have received an excellent treatment from the staff at Vision Housing especially Winnie, who is my resettlement worker and understood my predicament and went as far as coming to jobcentre with me, thank you so much” M.N (21/03/17)

“Very helpful and nice and also very quick to help to find somewhere to live” C.M (15/03/17)

“I really liked the way my resettlement officer treated me. She helped me, listened to my problems and I feel comfortable enough to speak to her. She also got me housed quickly and took time out to fill out my housing benefit form and explain things I didn’t understand” F.M (10/03/17)

“Service was very good. Elisha was very helpful. Also the whole team was a joy to be around. Thanks to all” A.JC (01/03/17)

“I think the initiative to support vulnerable people is laudable as I can understand and relate with the trauma of homelessness. Keep it up” A.O (15/02/17)

“Very happy, I was surprised how good  the service Vision housing provides, well done Vision Housing. Thank you all, for a new start in life” P.ML (14/02/17)

“My Resettlement Workers is now seeking funding to obtain bedding and white goods. Thank you Vision Housing” ES (21/02/17)

“I couldn’t have done this without Winnie, thanks Vision Housing” Anonymous (09/01/17)

“I was so scared to go to my property viewing on my own, but the Elisha (Resettlement Worker) from Vision Housing came with me and made me feel comfortable. I now have my own front door key and warm house to call home” CB (19/01/17)

“I am in a good place, thank you Vision Housing” J.C (20/12/16)

“Vision Housing is a brilliant service” M (08/12/2016)

“I found all the services to be very helpful and informative” L.V (07/12/16)

“The resettlement team has been helpful by communicating with me on regular basis and updating me. They are credit to your outstanding organisation” C.B (21/11/16)

“I have found Vision Housing very helpful and understanding of my needs. You have been very prompt in arranging my housing , quicker than I thought! They gave me information about other services that could be useful to me once I settle in, into my new house” S.A (18/11/16)

” Vision Organisation is very helpful, caring and efficient” D.A (14/11/16)

“Maxine has been very helpful and has gone out of her way to support me very quickly and I would definitely recommend Vision Housing to anyone else. I have nothing but praise for her and Vision Housing” A.T (06/09/16)

“Everyone has been friendly and effective.  It’s been a smooth operation from the start” P.S (27/09/16)

“I score Vision Housing 98%, for giving me a second chance and now I am happy. Thank you” S.H (09/08/16)

“Very good service, I came to Vision on the day I was housed”

“I feel good with Vision Housing support. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. Thanks” Y.U (04/10/16)

“Very friendly helpful staff, gave me all the relevant information I needed”

“I was let down by a lot of people and Vision Housing saved the day”