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Our clients (service users)

Vision Housing works with vulnerable people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

We want to help all our clients and want to reduce homelessness, reduce re-offending and support people in the rebuilding of their lives.

We primarily support people in finding suitable accommodation and in maintaining their tenancies. Further advice and support is also provided to ensure people claim all of the benefits that they are entitled to, that they fully engage with the appropriate services (e.g. substance misuse and mental health services). We also assist our clients in gaining access to education, training and employment.

Accessing and maintaining suitable housing, particularly immediately on release from prison, is a vital step in moving away from offending behavior.

By providing decent quality accommodation in an area away from the offender’s “territory” on the day of release, the chance of not re-offending is significantly greater than if returned to the previous community where the offence occurred.

Since 2007, Vision Housing has engaged with almost 1,600 vulnerable people and housed just almost 1,500 people.

  • Ex-offenders: Vision communicated with many ex-offenders who we have supported to access and maintain accommodation to find out what the ongoing needs are for people who have left prison and are trying to re-build their lives. This is conducted having 1-1 face to face discussions and through feedback questionnaires. Our clients have told us that they need support with maintaining their tenancies and with improving their employability, life skills and education and having a mentor. Employment is a key ambition of the majority of our clients.
  • Prisoners: In 2013 we have undertaken telephone meetings via London Probation Trust with 30 prisoners due for release to find out first-hand what their needs are and how this project can meet their needs. 40% of prisoners have told us that they do not have accommodation arranged and that they will need to find somewhere to live on release. All have also told us that they have no job prospects, low qualifications and do not know what they will do with their lives once they are released. Many believe they will re-offend just to survive if they do not receive support.

    At Vision Housing we address these shortfalls for people leaving prison by:

    • Being able to house on the same day of referral.
    • We employ ex-offenders in our re-housing team. We understand what clients want or need.
    • We move people out of their offending area. This gives them a realistic chance.
    • We deal with issues quickly.  This means that they don’t escalate.
  • Partner Agencies: Since 2013 we have consulted with the London Probation Trust, Police, Local Authority Housing Services, Jobcentre Plus, Private Landlords and Social registered, Substance Misuse Services, Mental Health Services, Training/Education providers and all other support networks. Our partners have confirmed to us that providing access to good quality accommodation, wrap around support and access to training leading to employment is vital in helping ex-offenders to change their lives.
  • Landlords: We have consulted with over 100 private landlords since 2013. Their key concern is ensuring that people have ongoing support so that tenants can manage their tenancies, ensure bills are paid and properties are kept in good condition.