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Vision Housing is a Multi-National Award winning charity providing housing and on-going support to ex-offenders prior to and on release from prison. We also work with other vulnerable, homeless people. Our service users are at extremely vulnerable stages of their lives and we give them a tailored package of support which helps prevent them re-offending.

Since 2007 Vision Housing has been leading the way in reducing re-offending rate and evidencing assured social impact.  We continue to provide work placements for volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, with an emphasis on providing opportunities to ex-offenders. Vision Housing also continues to emphasize employing ex-offenders (usually service users) in full time salaried positions within the organization.  This provides a more nuanced understanding and comprehensive service of support to recently released clients than would be possible otherwise

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If you are unable to donate there are still other ways you can support Vision Housing.  We have various partners who help us with funding housing and employment opportunities for our clients.

To discuss ways you can help Vision Housing through funding, please contact 0207 099 6727 or email:


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Every donation help support Vision Housing and to provide home or a start up pack for a vulnerable person so they can live an independent, happy and healthier life.