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Vision Housing, part of The Forward Trust, is a London-based charity and social enterprise. Founded in 2007, it was set up to provide housing and on-going support to ex-offenders on release from prison. We now have contracts with eleven local authorities, several third sector organisations and also the Shaw Trust.

Vision Housing helps homeless people find decent homes in the private rented sector. That is the start but it isn’t the end. Clients come to us with complex needs and we put in place a tailored package of support including sign-posting to other organisations where needed. This includes benefits advice, legal support, debt counselling and help with substance misuse. Unlike other organisations, we provide support for as long as people want or need it.

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Vision Housing Consultancy Services is a certified social enterprise, officially accredited with the Social Enterprise Mark – proving they are in business is to improve society. The Mark provides reassurance that Vision Housing is a credible social enterprise. We also ensure our operations comply with the QMS  (Quality Management Systems) implementing to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation.

Vision Housing Consultancy Services Our professionally qualified and dedicated staff provide help with housing and advise with employment and training, resulting in a significant reduction in the risk of re-offending and associated costs.

“The figures speak for themselves”

  • 11% overall re-offending rate
  • Without accommodation, 70% of ex-offenders re-offend, whereas with accommodation, only 11% re-offend.
  • Vision Housing has enabled 85% sustained tenancies, where the clients have not re-offended.

Working with Vision Housing will save you money. Through Vision Housing, single homeless non-priority clients get the support and guidance they need to turn their lives around, breaking the offending cycle.

The Vision Housing service is vital. On release, ex-offenders are at a crucial point in their lives where they are vulnerable, and often, of no fixed abode. Private landlords don’t let to DSS clientele and even if the ex-offender manages to find a bed in a night shelter, they soon find themselves linking up with their old contacts and the offending pathway seems to be the only one open to them. It starts all over again.

Vision Housing are uniquely placed, having strong relationships with landlords and being able to constantly source new private landlords. Vision Housing’ ground-breaking work means they are tearing down the barriers surrounding the private rented sector, as well as supporting the needs of landlords and their clients.


Vision Housing Consultancy Services is a non-profit organisation which supports people whose lifestyles have led to offending. We help rebuild their lives, promoting health and well-being by helping them access suitable and sustainable accommodation. This will reduce the risk of social exclusion and help build safer communities.

Message from Eliot Brunton, Housing Options Manager at Merton Council, said:

“Vision Housing always respond very quickly and efficiently to assist people in need that are referred by the Council. They provide homes in the private sector to those people who are threatened or actually homeless but may not be regarded as a priority for re-housing. Vision Housing helps contribute towards preventing homelessness wherever possible, for Merton residents”

Vision Housing works to provide supported housing in vulnerable situations to avoid the risk of re-offending. Operating on “payment by results”, what more proof do you need to engage with them? Vision Housing provides real solutions to the re-offending problem.


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